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SANCUARYSANCUARY is extremely clean optically clear adhesive tape manufactured in the high-clean environment of a Class 100 clean room.
Similar to the SUNYTECT Series top-of-the-line SAT film, SANCUARY tape boasts exceptional transparency and durability, and its adhesive does not affect optical properties. SANCUARY tape also features highly reliable and consistent adhesiveness with no lifting or bubbling.
SANCUARY tape can be custom produced for specific applications, and can be combined with applied to hard coat film or ITO film in a clean room.
Type Features Thickness (μm)
OP Standard optical characteristics, high adhesion strength 10 - 200
DH High-temperature, high-humidity resistance for use on glass and ITO film
DK Ultra-high adhesion strength with thick adhesive layers for cushioning to eliminate unevenness, enabling combined application of SANCUARY tapes to create flat surfaces
Application   Structure
For application to ITO film on touch panels   Structure
For application to AR film and optical filters
For application to glass and optical film
For application to other optical materials
* Technical information is available for this product and can be requested by e-mail.
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