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Sun A. Kakne Company History
1940_bar 1940's
  1942 Company established under the name Shizuoka Converted Paper Joint
Sales Co., Ltd.
  1945 Company name changed to Shizuoka Converted Paper Industry Co.,Ltd.
1950_bar 1950's
  1951 Shimizu Plant constructed.
  1957 Polylam film marketed.
1960's bar 1960's
  1962 Kaken Industries Co., Ltd. established.
  1964 Company name changed to Sun A.Chemical Industries Co., Ltd.
Research Institute opened.
Shimizu Plant renamed the Shizuoka Plant.
  1967 SUNYLON composite film awarded the Director General's Prize of the Agency of Industrial Science and Technology.
Laminating technology provided to Sun A. Enterprise Co., Ltd., Taiwan.
  1968 Defense Agency approval obtained for MIL products.
SUNYTECT protective film marketed.
  1969 SUNYTECT awarded the Chairman's Prize of Japan Packaging Institute.
"Green Box" cold-insulating container awarded prize by the Ministry of International Trade and Industry.
1970's bar 1970's
  1970 Fukuroi Plant constructed.
  1972 Kansai Branch opend.
  1974 PAC heat-sensitive type SUNYTECT film marketed.
  1978 SUNSEAL easy-open packages marketed.
"Surgical Mat" dust-collecting adhesive mat marketed.
1980's bar 1980's
  1981 Shizuoka Plant approved under the sanitation management standards of the Flexible Packaging Hygiene Association(F.P.H.A.).
  1987 Nagoya Office opend.
  1988 Research Institute and Shizuoka Office constructed.
Air Buffer materials marketed.
  1989 Kaken Industries' Nara Plant approved under the sanitation management standards of the F.P.H.A.
1990's bar 1990's
  1990 DAIMEC anti-corrosion film marketed.
ADDOC silicon adhesive tape marketed.
ADPEEL electro conductive carrier tape marketed.
  1993 Rotary thermo-siphon chill roll awarded the Machinery Promotion Association Prize.
  1994 Barrier bags for transfusion solution marketed.
  1995 Capital participation in INTLPAK Enterprises Corporation, Taiwan.
"Range Do" film for microwave oven food packaging marketed.
  1996 Sun A. Chemical Co., Ltd. merges with Kaken Industries Co., Ltd. and the company name is changed to Sun A. Kaken Co., Ltd.
Paid-in capital increased to 1,259 billion yen.
  1998 ASSHUKUN clothers compaction packing marketed.
Capital participation in TOHO JUSHI KOGYO Co., Ltd.
2000's bar 2000's
  2000 Stock listed on the OTC* market. *OTC:Over-the-counter transaction.
Paid-in capital increased to 1.599 billion yen.
Acquired 90% of the outstanding shares in TOHO JUSHI KOGYO Co., Ltd.
  2001 Acquired certification under ISO 9001: 2000.
  2004 Acquired certification under ISO 14001: 1996.
  2005 Kakegawa Plant constructed.
Paid-in capital increased to 2.176 billion yen.
  2006 Certification upgraded to ISO 14001: 2004.
Head Office moved to Chuo-ku, Tokyo.
  2007 Second stage of construction for the Kakegawa Plant completed.
  2009 Acquired certification under ISO 14001: 2004 for all production bases.
2000's bar 2010's
  2010 Taiwan Representative Office Opened.
  2012 Taiwan Representative Office closed and Taipei Sales Office opened.
  2013 Acquired certification under FSSC 22000 for the Nara Plant and Kansai Branch.
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